Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Get hardwood floor resurfacing services in Mechanicsville, Newburg & St. Charles, MD

If you want your old hardwood floors to look like new, choose Blue Heron Flooring, LLC for hardwood floor resurfacing services. Our experienced team knows how to make your floors look beautiful. You can also trust us to handle any necessary hardwood floor repairs during the resurfacing process. This can include filling cracks and buffing out scuff marks.

Contact us now for hardwood floor repair and resurfacing work in St. Charles, Newburg or Mechanicsville, MD.

How we'll handle your resurfacing project

How we'll handle your resurfacing project

When you're ready to improve your old hardwood floors, you'll want our hardwood floor resurfacing experts on the job. Our resurfacing process includes:

Sanding-prepping your hardwoods properly
Staining-creating the perfect color for your floors
Refinishing-locking in the color of your newly stained floors

You'll pick your stain and finish from our great selection of samples to match your existing floors perfectly. Email us today to start improving your floors.